"Men often become what they believe themselves to be. If I believe I cannot do something, it makes me incapable of doing it. But when I believe I can, then I acquire the ability to do it even if I didn't have it in the beginning" - Mahatma Gandhi

Sunday, April 25, 2010


How times change...I remember last year I would have been so happy to have run a 35min 10k. I ended up with 37:35 at the TC10km exactly one year ago. Today, although I ran faster than last year, I am disappointed at the time that I would have been have with one year ago.

Going into the TC10km I wanted to see how I could do with pacing. In every running event to date I have gone out far too hard and ended up blowing up. The only reason I have gotten through with ok times is because the faster starting pace averages out with the blowing up pace in the rest of the run!

We decided that sticking with the women at the start would be a good strategy today and that is what I did. I found that through the first km I was actually thinking more tactically - bridging up to another small group or person and kind of "hopping" up the field. I could see people ahead of me through the first couple of kms that I wanted to pass but rather than speeding up to catch them then and there, I waited patiently and kept it steady (well, maybe slowing down a little...) eventually reeling in 2 of the markers that I had set early on in the race.

So I came out of it with some good and some bad. The good being that it was faster than last year, and that I was patient and remained confident that I would make goals I'd set within the race. The bad being that I did not get the time I was after - even though it was a time I would have been happy with 1 year ago. To that end, I'm going to head to Vancouver in 2 weeks and try to slaughter the SunRun course!

You can read all about the entire performance of the PT team on Noa's blog. The guys all ran well - definitely thanks to the great coaching and time put in by Noa, and a sign of things to come!

Right after the run I started getting stomach cramping and it's been going on all day now (it's now approaching 7 and a half hours of it...). I am pretty certain I ate a SMALL amount of wheat yesterday and this is the result. For all those that have stomach issues, looking into wheat-free or gluten-free diets might be a good idea. I am a Coeliac and have been since I was a young child so I am used to the "restrictions" it imposes. Those "restrictions" are a common misconception that most people see with a wheat-free diet, but these days (yes I may sound old, but in the '90s it was a lot worse!) it is easy to eat well and avoid most grains associated with wheat.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Photos from Aus - Thanks to Simon and Craig!

I received a small package in the mail the other day from the land down under. It was about 3/4" deep and 5" squared. I had been expecting this package. Simon Heading took a set of photographs the day before and the day of the race down at the Gold Coast in September last year. A big thank you to him, and to Craig for sending the cd up to me! Below are some of the shots that Simon took.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the worst blog title ever

See the similarities....?

The new pup has been a HANDFUL! Wow, I never really understood the undertaking of having a dependent, but aside from all the complaining it is a really good thing. I am enjoying seeing the changes in attitude, understanding and learning that Bentley is going through almost on a daily basis. This week he has taken a liking to balls of dirt in the flower beds...haha!

What else, what else...oh yeah, training. I pretty much had a breakdown in front of Derek last week in the pool. I think it was just a bad day and the looming start to the ITU season for me is quite frankly unnerving me in that I know every workout needs to matter and be done to the best of my ability. So, swimming is coming along very very slowly - much slower (literally) than I had hoped for. Biking has been going so well it's scaring me a little...I feel so comfortable on the bike right now and almost enjoy the hard sets and hill climbs because it feels like a game with little surges now and again. Running has been going ok and I am pretty pleased with the progression to date. I guess the TC 10km in just under 2 weeks will be the ultimate test to my fitness right now. None of the gains/improvements could have been done without my coach, Noa, and all the motivated guys I train with.

Off to make some lentils, bean, and veggie mix (not really sure what to call it...?), and get the BBQ fired up! YEAH!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


It's only taken me about 6 months to finally do this, but I am going to start using my new domain name....finally!


THE schedule

Ok, so this is the plan for the summer. IT took months of work thinking about it, committing to it, and then going back and changing a lot of things. These are the races I am planning on:

May 22nd - Ixtapa, Mexcio - Pan Am ITU
June 13th - Wasa Lake Tri (BC)
June 27th - Coteau-du-Lac, Quebec - Pan Am ITU
July 11th - San Francisco, USA - Pan Am ITU
July 17th-24th - PT Performance Training Penticton Training Camp
{insert local race here}
August 22nd - Kelowna, BC - Premium Pan Am ITU (Nationals)
September 12th - Alabama, USA - Pan Am ITU (**tentative)
October - some race ideas that include the last LTF series races, but this is TBD

Strathclyde ended up not being a viable option as the jet-lag and colder weather out-weighed any benefits heading that way. I was looking forward to racing back where I grew up but I'm certain I'll be back for that race another year. Alabama in September is tentative as it is the US Elite Nationals, so I don't know if it is worth the trip.

Off to Thetis this morning for our group long run. Paula at Lululemon Victoria hooked me up with a pair of the TIDE SHORT to try out. They are a swim trunk for beach use (summer) but I'm going to see how they do on the trails today! I'm a big fan of Lululemon - their clothing is so comfortable!

One more build week and then a recovery week! It could not come at a better time as both my finals are that week. TC10km in 3 weeks!? YIKES!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

He pees on my floor and then goes to bed

That's what the new puppy just did. He took a piss on the floor, stood in it, and then walked about, ending up in his bed. Now he is fast asleep. Thanks to Kirkland Costco-brand kitchen towel, and the ridiculous quantity that one can buy, I have no problems with clean-up.

So the Dave Reed Spring Classic went off on Saturday at 9am in Vancouver. I love Stanley Park, in part for the nature and beauty of the city, but also for the active lifestyles that west-coasters lead along the seawall on a daily basis. I went into this race with the plan of running hard and fast and proving to myself (and maybe others) that I am getting faster. I came out of it pretty disappointed to be honest. Training has been going well, and the mid-week days have just been destroying me (in a good way) on a weekly basis. While I am feeling stronger and fitter, I still know there is a lot of work to do. On Saturday I couldn't find the legs. They weren't firing and I couldn't keep my leg turnover as fast as it should have been. I didn't feel out-of-breath or dying at the end, it was all in the legs. In hindsight it may have been in part to getting a massage late in the day on Friday, but I am still disappointed. My finish time was something like 17:25 - not good.

On the upside, I headed over to the Sunshine Coast right after the race and ended up coming back to Victoria with a 3-month-old Goldendoodle! He's been a character and it's coming out more and more each day. I never really got the concept of how much work it would be to have a puppy (that was for you, Adam), BUT that is also part of the reason that I wanted to get a dog. Dogs are such great companions and although it sucks now and again with peeing on the bamboo floor, I can't wait until I can take him running on the trails!

Finally the long weekend - time to recover from lack of sleep from the puppy and maybe a chance to clean my place up a bit!