"Men often become what they believe themselves to be. If I believe I cannot do something, it makes me incapable of doing it. But when I believe I can, then I acquire the ability to do it even if I didn't have it in the beginning" - Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Not much to post this week. Just rolling along as per usual. Today was great weather and I managed to squeeze out some hill reps in a running singlet! I love the summer and can't wait for it!! Next week I may or may not have a bit more exciting news (not triathlon related)!

I was debating racing the Strathclyde European cup race on May 23rd or the Ixtapa Pan-Am race on May 22nd. It came down to Ixtapa being closer (i.e. no jetlag), cheaper to get to, and warmer. So I'm entered into that as my first race of the season. Not long to go before it will be upon me...now just less than 2 months! Lots of work to do before then, although I am gaining some confidence in areas that I was lacking last year, and seeing mental and physical gains.

Finally, I picked up a couple of pairs of new kit from Speed Theory Vancouver on Sunday. I am lucky to be affiliated with them. A big thank you to them. My ass will thank them too as new shorts are always a good thing!! I'll get some pics up soon.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to date me

It's that time of the year when the blossoms are flourishing and the rabbits at UVic are getting their groove on, making friends, making mates....well, just making in general. There are some things that should be known before embarking on an unknown endeavour into the land of a triathlete's life. Knowing what to expect can make the difference between utter shock and disbelief, and not even blinking an eye.

If you're curious, which I know you are if you have read this much, please read on...

Stupidity should not sway you...just roll with it

You must be ok with tight speedos...because you know they are only going to get tighter

You must be ok looking at spandex 6 hours a day, because even if the ride is only 4 hours there is still chamoix time to be had during post-workout meals...

Above all, you must be ok with silky smooth legs during the racing season. It's not that I enjoy making them smooth, but it makes me look bigger.

There is one thing that cannot be pictured...well, maybe it can... stupidity runs in the team, so you must be able to deal with friends and teammates that are equally as crazy and ridiculous

Still interested?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

just a quickie

The last three days I'm pleased to say that I've felt much better and basically back to normal again! Wednesday we had a solid ride up towards Durance Lake doing 5 times hill reps. Thursday morning I swam better than I have in a while, finally being able to push past that mental barrier of wanting to stop when it hurts. 800 draft pack was fun, 600's were solid. Thursday running started out as 6 times a loop (~2k) up at Rithets Bog. That turned into 3 loops on 2 mins rest, and as I started the 4th my lower calf and into my achilles was hurting so I stopped (it was getting worse over the previous 2 reps). All rolled out and massaged now, but it's probably just due to wearing running flats. Today was the OBB ride. I really enjoy the group feel, even though it can seem disorganised at times.

Some music to leave on:

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Plans don't work so just wing it

The last couple of weeks now I've been trying to kick some cold symptoms and I thought I was on the mend. There are some tell-tale signs that let me know I am getting sick or fighting something: I get pain on the left side of my chest (kinda in the intercostal region) and I sweat for no reason at all (gross, I know). Unfortunately I didn't end up racing Bazan Bay today because I don't want to stay sick for the next week! So, I'm going to add another race at the end of the month to the schedule to make up for missing this one.

The Dave Reed Spring Classic 5km runs around the Stanley park seawall and should mimic Bazan Bay pretty well since it is flat (with the exception of the very beginning). I just looked it up and see it is the 2010 BC Athletics 5k champs too (not likely to make much of a difference to me, but that means some FAST people!).

I'm also going to try my hand at a half-marathon on the 21st in Comox (part of the island race series). Good or bad idea, I'm not sure, but it'll be my first.

Some pics from today:

Monday, March 1, 2010

Camp Recap

I'm going to get rid of the negative before moving on...

United Airlines is by far the worst case of money-gouging I have ever experienced. $175 US ONE WAY is TOO MUCH to take and handle a bike. Maybe a fee is necessary, but that is extortion.

Allllriight then...camp was great! We had a solid week of increased volume and intensity in different surroundings, and managed to get some sunshine in there too! This year it was definitely a little cooler and there was a noted presence of RAIN! I just tallied up the hours from last week and I think it was a 33.5hr week. Until Thursday I was getting sicker and having the worst sleeps so I did miss a 7am run session on Tuesday. I think sleeping a bit more meant I could go and feel good for the other training sessions that day.

Tuesday we had a pretty awesome ride out through Saguro (sp?) Park and around the back side of Gates Pass, with 1hr sub-threshold effort. That was a solid ride and I was happy with it. We hit up the much talked-about Zinburger that night - great burgers!

Lemmon this year was great, and cold. It was a sunny day and the views were as spectacular as last year. At mile 10 or 12 (of 26/27miles) we started seeing snow, and from there it got progressively colder and snowier at the sides of the road. I bonked TWICE: once at about 12-13miles and again at 20miles. Still, it was a much faster effort than last year at 2:08, but next year I'll take another 10mins off that, at least. Such a great climb and a wicked descent.

Swimming last week was ok. Swimming SC yards really isn't the most fun but at least it was outside in the foothills of the mountains. Plus, we got to show off our scandalous (Tyler...) swimsuits that we got from Splish! :)

Friday we ran around Catalina Park and got some great views of the park after a decent rocky ascent. My geology background was urging me to stop and check out the metamorphosed and folded rocks. I saw my first ever Road Runner (I don't know their real name) which was cool...it really does look like the cartoon version.

Today my body is pretty tired and sore. Yesterday was a long day, starting at 2:10am PST with some airport and travel time thrown in there too. Swimming this morning didn't feel great, but at least it's a good way to start another day and week!

Pictures to come sooooon...